Welcome to #ttfmx16: Understanding task force goals, mission

As the 8th Policy Dialogue Forum of the Teacher Task Force for Education 2030 convenes this week in Mexico City, let’s take a look at where the group came from and toward what goals it is working.

hands-600497_960_720TTF is the first of its kind made up of national governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, CSOs, international development agencies and private sector organizations striving to address the “teacher gap” around the world.

The task force was created as a result of the Oslo Education for All High Level Group meeting to develop plans for recruitment, deployment, training and retention of quality teachers.

Since its inception in 2009, the task force has identified three key teacher-related gaps:

  • Policy: Development and/or reinforcement of national policies, strategies and plans;
  • Capacity: Data collection and utilization to make and implement policies; and
  • Financing: Expenditures required to meet teacher needs.

The development of a new three-year strategic plan in 2014 identified three focus areas that  will be addressed at the week’s meetings:

  1. Advocacy and coordination with global and regional initiatives;
  2. Knowledge creation and dissemination; and
  3. Facilitation of countries’ access to technical support.

In addition, these six sub-themes are driving the group’s direction for the near future:

  • Teacher’s education and professional development;
  • Teacher’s status and working conditions;
  • Teacher management;
  • Financing teachers and teaching;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of teacher policies and practices; and
  • Inclusion and equity in teacher policies and practices.

Please make sure to follow TTF’s progress this week via our live streaming and live tweeting (#ttfmx16), all of which can be found here. You can also follow @Unesco to learn more!